Q. I have filed a grievance we had the first meeting now what?

A. Unfortunately there is quite a backlog to get a grievance before an arbitrator at the grievance settlement board, with wait times of 12+ months before an initial arbitration date.

Q. I have been off on STSP when should I apply for LTIP?

A. The employer should send the LTIP package out at the 3 month mark, if you do not receive this make sure you ask for those form ASAP, any delay is submitting these forms to Manulife can cause delays in your pay. Manulife can often request additional information from your doctors which can take time.

Q. What is happening with our special case?

A. If you are part of a group that submitted a special wage case during the current round of bargaining, the team is meeting with the employer now and this process is ongoing.